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I founded Valiantdale Kennels in the mid 1960’s. My goal is to produce a large dog of flashy color, great substance who is well balanced both physically and mentally.  Furthermore, a sensible dog with a strong natural drive which makes a good candidate for any type of training.


Breeding quality, healthy  and trainable German Shepherds has been my passion for over 50 years.


I believe that the German Shepherd Dog was intended to be like the Arabian Horse; an animal of great versatility.  The German Shepherd Dog is not intended to be a specialist in one particular field, but a general practitioner of many talents.


Kathy Watson


Valiantdale's Icon Vom Irwin UDT, SCH IIIA

“One in a Million and Once in a Lifetime Dog”

He became a major pillar of my breeding program in the 1990’s and most of my current dogs are line-bred on him. He was a very large, handsome dark black and silver with the highest degree of intelligence of any dog I’ve ever encountered.  This, combined with a strong desire to please me made him extremely easy to train.
Although he was often aggressive and intimidating he was also surprisingly gentle & tolerant to small children and “babies” of any species.  He was well known to pass these qualities on to his offspring along with his physical appearance and was named the leading sire of working titled German Shepherds by the GSDC of America from 1989 until his death in 1994.

Lisa was a flashy black and silver bitch from the famous old Longworth bloodlines.

She was sired by a working police dog from the Tulsa Police Dept’s k-9 Corps.  She had a very high level of drive, aggression and “trainability”, obtaining her UD with speed, ease and high scores in spite of my novice training skills.

She was bred to a German male from the BuseckerSchloss and Lierberg lines.  Several of her daughters were then bred to a male who was heavily linebred on the great old Cosalta dogs, thus beginning my Valiantdale line.

Frauline Lisa v. Sampson UD​​

Valiantdale's Onyx Vom Irwin UD

Onyx, a Lisa grandson, was the result of the blending of the Longworth, Cosalta, BuseckerSchloss and Lierberg lines.
He possessed many of the wonderful qualities that this gene pool had to offer.  He was a very masculine black and silver bi-colored dog with a calm, goodnatured and fearless temperment. 

He became the first of many of my dogs to work with me at a home for teenage offenders run by the County Juvenile Bureau.
He was the pillar of my breeding program in the mid 70’s and 80’s. He possessed beauty without vanity, strength without insolence; courage without ferocity; and all the virtues of man without his vices – Lord Byron.

Boss was the last-born son of Icon out of a predominately East German female. A solid black with a very “bearlike” appearance, like his father he was aloof and “macho” with a long list of admirers, but a short list of those he considered friends.

He commanded respect from others but, was always willing to please me. Until his death at the age of 11 he was always my “baby boy”, but to all others he was definitely “The Boss”

Valiantdale's Boss V. Icon CDX, TD, Sch III, FH

“The Boss””

Panzer Bear CDX, BH

1998 – 2010

Panzer was a brilliant black and silver with jet black nails, dark eyes and outstanding conformation.
He was line-bred on Onyx and Icon, with one out-cross to the old Dornwald and Rocky Reach dogs of the 50’s and 60’s.

He was a strong producer of black and silvers and is still the backbone of my black and silver line.

Vader was the last-born son of Boss and grandson of Icon.  He is a virtual clone of his father with the same heavy bones, great substance and rock solid temperament. 

Although he is friendlier and less “macho” and aloof than his sire and grandsire, he has the same ability to respond to aggression when confronted with it.

Like them, Vader was a Working Service Dog for the Tulsa County Juvenile Bureau until my retirement in 2006.

Valiantdales Darth Vader CD, Sch II

1998 – 2010

Valiantdales Phantom CDX, Sch I

2005 – 2015

Phantom was the result of breeding Darth Vader’s sister to a German male who was a cross between well-known European working and show lines.

He was an extremely large solid black with a huge masculine head and a surprising degree of agility for his size. He has strong prey drive and an equally strong desire to please.

Jackson was a large “tall, dark and handsome” black and silver who produced both black and silver and solid blacks  He resided with his proud owners, Steve and Martha Clark.

Managing the Clark household, spending weekends at the lake on the sailboat left no time for obtaining obedience titles.

However, he was successfully producing his good nature, good looks, natural compliance and strong ball drive in his offspring.

Valiantdales Jackson

2003 – 2015