Valiantdale Kennels

Solid Black and Black & Silver German Shepherds

Spring 2020 Litter

Armus has been bred to Sally. They will produce both solid black and Bi-colors. Expected to be born mid February 2020.

Puppies have arrived. We have one solid black male and two bi-color females.

Males: 1 solid black
Females: 2 bi-color
Date of Birth: 2020-02-06
Armus Von Boomerbacht IPO3

Armus is the sire to our upcoming Spring 2020 Litter.

He is owned, trained and handled by Joseph Lin with the Tulsa Schutzhund Club.

Armus is a high drive dog, but very clear headed and compliant dog. He is very willing to please.

He is the Midwest Regional Schutzhund 2 champion for 2019.


Valiantdale’s Sassy Sally

A gorgeous plush coated black and silver bi-color female. Her size and substance causes her to often be mistaken for a male. She produces both blacks and black & silvers.

x-rayed normal